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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift from the Abbot and Convent of Stanl' to John Ate Hehz of Berkeswell', of three acres of waste land in Westowde lying next the waste granted to Jordan de Widenai by the said monks; to hold the same premises to the said John and Matilda his first wife of the said monks for ever rendering annually 18 pence at the times customary in the manor of Stanl' and suit of court twice a year; and the said John and Matilda for themselves and their heirs quitclaim to the said Abbot and Convent all their common which they have in all the wastes, woods and pastures in the manor of Stanl'. Witnesses: Robert de Stoke, Thomas Boydin, John de Heyford', Henry de Hokkele, Adam de Notebrokes and others. Dated at Stanle on the morrow of the feast of St. Ambrose the Bishop, 11 Edward II. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, red. The Paschal lamb. Legend: ECCE AG(N)US DEI; damaged. Endorsed: i) Carta Johannis attehethz de Bercuswelle ii) Johannes Irys -------- ad vitam pro xviii denarios