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Official papers - Coventry


Book of receipts and expenses of Master John Saunders late master of Corpus Christi Gild and St. Nicholas. ff. 1-4 Receipts consist of rents from lands and tenements in Coventry (listed by street), amounting to £45. 16s. 8d. Disbursements under the following headings: f. 5. the feast of Corpus Christi; f. 6. the feast of St. Mathew, Master Richard Oldys `obbet', Master John Saunders `obbet'; f.7. the priest's wages, `payd the mendyvauntes', chief lords; f.8-9. reparations; f.10. `vakes' [vacaciones]. Total: £46. 14s. 0d. F.10 is written by Thomas Gregory.