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Stivichall Maps, Surveys


A folio volume of 11 leaves, but with many pages torn away, written in the hand of Arthur Gregory, containing: i) descriptive lists of deeds under the following headings: Stivechall; Collegium Christi; Gilkes Place motted; le Nether hall ii) a detailed extent of a parcel of land called le Bauk land, under the general heading of le Netherhale iii) an extent of a parcel of lands at le Overhallstude, 6 Edward II [1312-3] subdivided by field iv) a terrier of arable lands appurtaining to the Overhall in Stichall, 1 Elizabeth [1558-9], subdivided by field v) the examination of George Perkins of Shepsheed, co. Leics., yeoman, taken 31 August, 18 Elizabeth [1576] vi) extent of lands in Fynham Also a detached leaf from the same volume containing a list of lands in the common fields of Stivichall purchased by Thomas de Merstone, as appears by certain charters,temp. Edward II and Edward III, and held by Thomas with le Overhall Stude which he had by the gift of Alice Westerne, 19 Edward II [1325-6]. late 16th century