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Brinklow Maps, Surveys


An unexecuted appointment by Loveisgod Gregory of Stivichall in the county of the City of Coventry, esq., Lord of the Manor of Brincklow, made by virtue of an Act of Parliament of 12 and 13 Charles II, entitled `An act for the preservation of the Game and for securing Warrens not enclosed' etc.--- of his servant Joshua Gardner to be Game Keeper within the said Manor for the coming year to take and seize `all such Gunns, Bowes, Greyhounds, setting doggs, lurchers or other doggs to kill hares or conies, ferretts, tramells, lowbells, Hayes or other netts, Harepipes, Snares, or other engines for the takeing of Conyes, Hares, Pheasants, Partridges or other Game as shall be used within the said Mannor by any person or persons who had not lands and tenements or some other estate of inheritance in his owne or his wives right of the cleare vallue of One Hundred Pounds per annum or for terme of life or lease or lesses of Ninety nine yeares or for any longer terme of the cleare yearely vallue of One hundred and Fifty pounds (Except the sonne and heire apparent of an Esquire and other persons of higher degree and such other persons who are quallifyed according to the true meaneing of the said Act)'. Endorsed: For y supe; [preservation] of game in Brinklo [LG]