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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Articles of agreement between George Kevett and Arthur Gregory of Coventrye concerning an exchange of land: namely, that the said George Kevett will convey to the said Arthur Gregory all his lands and tenements in Woodfilde in Kingeshull, leased for sundry years unexpired, with the provision that the said Arthur shall allow the existing tenants to remain undisturbed: in exchange, the said Arthur Gregory shall convey to the said George Kevett as much land in Fynham lying in Merden Feild as is equal to one and a half times the value of the land conveyed to him: and neither of the parties shall disturb the other's rights to common of pasture in Brinckefeilde or Hyllfeild in Kingeshull, or Merdenfeild or the field of Fynham adjoining. Dated: 11 October, 14 Elizabeth Signed: by me George Kevett Red seal applied, covered with paper. Endorsed: i) My comens in twoe feildes of Fynhame mydle Feild and Merden Feild. Note no comen in the east feild of Fynhame at this day but only v doles of medow crop and away as the loades do in Allsly and Wyken and other places to prove me lord in Fynhame of the mannor whos scite is in Kingeshull and out a yard land in Fynhame [AG] ii) the agreement betwixt Gorge Keevet and Arther Gregory [LG]