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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Isabella de Wavere and Elena her daughter to Stephen de Burthingber' of all their annual rents from the tenements which Richard son of John Henr' of Kinggeshul' and his heirs hold of the grantors in Kinggeshul', together with the heriots, reliefs and other profits. Witnesses: John de Finham, Robert de Wenriche, Thomas de Finham, Roger de Hulle, Leodegar of the same, Philip son of John Henr' of the same, Thomas de Thorndon' and others. Two circular seals on tags; black. i) a pelican in her piety. Legend: SOUMET PELICA ii) a man's bust. Legend: PRIV ---- Endorsed: i) Kyngeshul' ii) xv supd; redditus [AG]