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Walton, Leics., deeds and papers


Gift from William, parson of Brantingesthorp', to `Helye filio meo', of a virgate of land in Walton' with a toft and croft and all other appurtenances and easements both within and without the vill; which virgate Brungor once held, and which Gilbert de Walton' gave to the said William, for his homage and service and for 6 marks; to hold to the said Helyas for ever of Milicent, daughter of the said Gilbert, paying annually 2 shillings (2 terms) for all customs and exactions except forensic service. Witnesses: Sir Hugh de Ringesdon', William son of William de Brantingesthorp', Robert his brother, Henry son of Henry de Walton', Richard de Cosseby, Nicholas the clerk, Mathew the clerk, Hervey servant of the lord and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Walton ii) Teste domino Hugone de Ringesdon [AG] iii) ii sups; [per] servitium militare debitos [AG]