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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


An unexecuted agreement whereby John Gregorie, gent., and Simon Chamber, gent., acknowledge the Manor of Hill alias Kingshill alias Helinhull with appurtenances and six messuages, six cottages, four tofts, six gardens, three hundred acres of land, one hundred acres of pasture, twenty acres of meadow, ten acres of wood, fifty acres of furze and heath in Hill and Stonlye to be the right of Robert Tollerbie, Constable of the said Manor; and the said John warrants the said premises to the said Robert and his heirs for ever; and for this the said Robert grants to Simon Chamber the said premises for a term of 60 years from Lady Day 1582 at a yearly rent of 10 pounds; and the said Robert grants the reversion of the said premises to the said John Gregory and his heirs. Dated: -------- James I Endorsed: betwixt John Gregory and Simon Chambares conserning Hill, alias Kingeshill [LG]