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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Copy of a Stonleye Court Roll witnessing that William de Stok[tone and] Alice his wife claimed to hold of the messuages three messuages and three virgates of land with appurtenances in Hull' near Stonleye of which William Hull', kinsman of the said Alice whose heir she is, died seised in demesne as of fee without heir of his body. Of this property the said Alice claims one messuage and one virgate as the daughter of John son of Richard Jones, brother of Philip, the father of the said William Hull'; and the remainder of the property as the daughter of John son of Margery, sister of Edith, the mother of the said William Hull'. Dated: 3 March, 13 Richard II. Endorsed: i) with detailed memoranda showing how the above claim came to be made. Richard Forthewyn left three daughters, Margery, Edith and Juliana, the first two of whom married the brothers, Richard and Philip Jones ii) Kyngeshull' [AG] iii) Kingeshull