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Harborough Magna deeds and papers, a gift with warranty


Gift with warranty from William le Kinc of Magno Herdeb' to Henry his brother of half an acre in the field of Magno Herdeb' lying upon le Waltforlong' and reaching into Woulondslad', between land which Robert Caretarius once held and that which the said Henry held of the said William; to hold of the said William paying annually one farthing at Easter, for which the said Henry gives 5s. 6d.

Witnesses: Warin le Venor de Herdeb', Adam his brother of the same, John Honilou', Nicholas de Rokebi, Geoffrey Fabr', William de Sanoto Jacobo, Hugh le Kinc and others.
Tag, seal lost.

Endorsed: Magna Hardeberg [AG].