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Autograph letter, dated at Stanford', on 24 October, from M. de Swillyngton' to Sir William Ferers, lord of Grouby, complaining that the latter's agents have distrained upon certain tenants of the town of Belgrave, who are subject to the prior of Kirkeby and to his [Swillington's] lord, for certain services for which he [Ferrers] challenged the lord of Souche, to the great damage of the said tenants, the priory, the complainant and his lord; praying that, as his lord [i.e. Zouch] is in London, Lord Ferrers will relieve the said tenants of the said distress, and seek recompense elsewhere, assuring him that he will do anything else within his power as the Lord Ferrers pleases, and hoping that his letter will be of assistance to the said tenants. Endorsed: tres honoureuse seigneur monsieur William Ferers, seigneur de Grouby