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Warwick deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Robert son of Robert le Celer to Robert de Merton and his heirs, of 2 shillings annual rent in the high market of Warwik'; from land which Gregory Pilimparius and Sabina his wife, sister of the grantor's father, held, 12 pence; and 12 pence from land which Hugh Le Merser held; of which lands a certain part lies where fish is sold, and another part where pigs are sold; paying annually 4 pence to the Earl of Warwik' at the feast of the Blessed Mary and to Robert son of Robert one rose on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist; and for this the said Robert Merton gives 10 shillings. Witnesses: William le Noreys, constable of Warwik', Richard Juvene, Simon his brother, Robert le Hore, Nicholas Basset, Henry Thot, and Gerard his brother and others. Tag, seal missing.