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Charnwood, Leics., Maps, Surveys


A survey as follows: Whytewyk' in Charnewode begins at Heyweysydde towards Charleyston' and then through the middle of Charley towards -yrchewode; and then between Byrchewode and the wood of Barnes and then next Le Coppedhoke towards Lauterston'; and then from Werstermannesweye to Merkefeld Feldeshende; and then between the wood of Groby and Southwode to Lonndereysheye; and from Lonndreysheye to Thornton' Wode; and then from Beneleymylne to Horspole; and from Horspole to Hechengrene; and then to Siwardslade as far as Flanston; and then to Wytemor as far as Swanyngton' forth'; and then to Cuntascros as far as Whytewyke pole; and then to Charnewodbroke; and to Belton' Wode as far as Belleslade; and then to Whatton' `into Sore'; and then to Hath'ne as far as Gerondon; and from Gerondon to Outh; and from Outh towards Heyweysydde.