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Legal cases - Gregory family


Notes on the progress of the case Chamber v. Gregorye between 13 November and 28 November, 8 Charles I: a) Order in Chancery, dated 13 November, 8 Charles I, that the defendants should attend Sir Edward Clarke, Master in Chancery, to decide whether the extended lands were entailed b) Report of the said Master, dated 21 November [no. DR10/1713] c) Order in Chancery, dated 23 November, 8 Charles I, that the injunction respecting these entailed lands should be dissolved unless the plaintiff could show good cause to the contrary d) Order in Chancery, dated 28 November, 8 Charles I, that a commission be awarded to determine whether the entailed lands were entailed before the plaintiff's claim, and that, for the time being, the defendants are to hold the land.