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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim with warranty from Robert de Ballescote, son of Richard de Ballescote, deceased, to William de Kynesbury of Coventr', shoemaker, of all his interest in a messuage with its appurtenances in Kyngeshulle and in the tenement which Margery, late mother of the grantor and wife of the said Richard, holds in right of dower in Kyngeshull', which after her death by reversion fell to him; which messuage lies between land of Richard Malyn and the tenement which the said Margery holds in dower; to hold the said premises, after the death of Margery, to William de Kynesbur', his heirs and assigns for ever of the chief lord of that fee. Witnesses: Thomas de Fynham, Alexander de Shirford, Geoffrey de Ballescote, Richard Malyn, William Rudde and others. Dated at Coventr', Wednesday in Easter week, 16 Edward III. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Robertus de Balscote de Hulle Willelmo de Kynesbure ii) Richardus Malyn. Heres in Kyngeshull [AG]