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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Attested copy of no. DR10/1231. Endorsed with a memorandum to the effect that at the sealing of this indenture, George Marbury should have lent Arthur Gregory 100 pounds for five years free of interest; this sum could not then be provided and the lease and the bond were therefore sealed on George Marbury's oath that he would lend the money; witnesses, Richard Wilson, Edmund Gregory. Marbury did not keep his agreement but obtained the lease by usury which Wilson, Edmund Gregory and William could depose. Also Edward Marbury felled many oaks, committed waste by covering the stools with earth and would not pay £4. 6s. 8d. which was distrained for on Arthur Gregory. Certified as a true copy by Richard Greenwood, 27 March 1630 Other endorsements: i) coppy of the defeasance to George Marbrie ii) a lese set by Mr. Gregory to Marbury [LG]