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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from William son of Walter de Allispath, to Peter Jurdan de Allispath for homage and service of a croft lying next Sladewey which he bought of William de Notebroc and which lies in length between the land of the said Peter and the road, and in width between the land of Adam Wit and the land which William Jurdan hold;

[T]o hold of the said William rendering annually a silver penny at Christmas and to the lords of the fee the services due and accustomed, and forensic service pertaining to so much land; for which the said Peter gives 12 pence.

Witnesses: Gerard Waldyeve, Robert Bunt, William son of Gerard, Nicholas Goding, Peter Falke, Adam Wit, Philip de fonte, Richard de Monte and others.
Seal on tag: circular, green; obscure.
Endorsed: i) Forense servyce, i supd; [AG] ii) Petrus Jordan forinsecum servitium [AG]

Note: See also DR10/540 for an abbreviated form of this document