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Stone, Staffs., deeds and papers


Left hand indenture of a fine levied at Westminster on the morrow of St. Martins, 12 William III between Edward Hill, gent., plaintiff, and Basil St. Nicholas, gent., and Elizabeth his wife and Henry Inge, gent., and Anne his wife, deforciants, of two messuages, one garden, one orchard, fourteen acres of meadow, sixty-eight acres of pasture, and eighty acres of furze and heath in Knenall and Mottershall, co. Staffs. and of two messuages, two gardens and one half acre of pasture in Coventr'. The said Basil, Elizabeth, Henry and Anne recognize the said property to be the right of the said Edward as by their gift; and for this the said Edward gives 460 pounds. Endorsed: a fine from Henere Inge foure St. Nickolas. Knenall land.