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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Exemplification of a recovery suffered by Simon Archer, knight, Segrave Gregory, gent., James Prescott, gent., and Richard Taylor, gent., to Thomas Pidgeon and Henry Phillipps the younger, with John Gregory as vouchee, of the manors of Kingshill, alias Hellinghull, alias Hull, Brinckloe and Alspath, and ten messuages, three water mills, ten gardens, three hundred acres of land, forty acres of meadow, four hundred acres of pasture, forty acres of wood, two hundred acres of furze and heath, twenty acres of land covered with water, 100 shillings rent, free fishing in the waters of Armley and Avon and view of frankpledge in Kingshill, Brincklow, Fynham, Fletchamsted, Stonely, Corley, Canley, Allesley, Meriden and Alspath. Fragmentary seal of the Chancery of the Lord Protector. Endorsed: Writeings relateing to the estates of the Gregorys.