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Gift from Margery former wife of John le Chariour to John Marmion of lands in Brinkelowe


Gift with warranty from Margery formerly the wife of John le Chariour of Brinkelowe to John Marmion of Brinkelowe of six selions of arable land and one half burgage lying in Brinkelowe, whereof the half burgage lies next the tenement of Richard de Felde, two selions of land lie in the old assart next the land of Henry son of Richard le Porter, one selion of land lies on the same culture next the land of John Attecros, two selions lie on Pessehul next the land of John Colemon the younger and one selion lies in Ruyzecroft' next the land of Henry Morice; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Henry Morice, John son of Gilbert Edward, Richard Edward, Robert Page, Geoffrey Morice, Richard le Lathere, Geoffrey le Porter and others. Dated at Brinkelowe, Wednesday next after the feast of St. Mathias, 23 Edward III (25 Feb 1348/9). Seal on tag: circular, brown. Impression of animal reposing under a tree. Endorsed: Johannes Marmyon. xxiii Ed. tercii [AG]

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    [25/02/1349], Wednesday after the feast of St Mathias 23 Edward III

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