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Gift in frankalmoign from Roger de Molbraio to the Church of St Mary of Cumba of part of his wood of Brincalawa


Gift in frankalmoign with warranty addressed to Richard [Peche] Bishop of Cestrie, from Roger de Molbraio to God and the Church of St. Mary of Cumba and the monks there serving God of that part of his wood of Brincalawa called Burhtleia which extends from the way called Walewei, namely from that Waleweia which is nearest to Brincalawie, and which whole wood extends transversely to the boundaries of Brandonie and Bileneie. Witnesses: Roger Priest (Sacerdote) of Brincalawa, Hugh Malebisse, Philip de Muntpincun, Robert de Cotes, Peter `clerico meo', Herbert Putot, Durand de Brincalawa, Simon son of Roger, William son of Herbert, William Gramarius, Ralph son of Richard, William de Wauera, Osbert de Brettuna, Alan Fossard, Ernald Dispensator, Chino the Chamberlain (Camerario), Ralph Biseliar, Cook, and many others. Tag and seal missing. Endorsed: i) Rog' de Molbraio de boscho de Brinchelawa [contemp] ii) 7 H 2