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Official papers - Feodaryship of Warwickshire


`All my receittes of Warwykshyre feodaryship' - a summary by Arthur Gregory, feodary of the court of Wards and Liveries for co. Warwick, of cases dealt with and rents received and accounted for by virtue of this office between the years 13 and 25 Elizabeth. Endorsed on the verso of the third sheet with a list of tenants, lands and houses, and rents in ?`Coundon in Vrgenfeyld', Shilton, Wyllenhal, Cobynton and Coventry, and the draft of a conveyance from Roger Gyffard of Corley, esq., and Thomas his son to Arthur Gregory of a messuage and lands in Corley, dated 13 April, 25 Elizabeth [1583].