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Cadeby, Leics., deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Richard son of Edmund de Cateby to Richard son of Henry de Segrave in Cateby and Amicia his wife, for 12 shillings paid by them, of three roods of land in the fields of Cateby lying on Calwecroft next land of the grantee; to hold of the grantor for the duration of their lives as freely as the grantor ever held the same land, except that they shall discharge the forensic service due to the king from that tenement, and they shall pay annually to the grantor 1 penny at the feast of St. John the Baptist; and on the death of the said Richard and Amicia, the whole land with all its appurtenances shall revert to the grantor except the last crop growing. Witnesses: Richard de Naveby, William son of Simon of the same, Richard son of Geoffrey of Cateby, Lawrence de Coton' of the same, Robert Dubbilday of the same, Alexander le Noreys of the same, William the clerk and others. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: Ricardus filius Edmundi; Ricardus filius Henrici de Segrave Amicia uxor [AG]