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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Assignment from Simon Chamber of Bynley, gent., to Adrian Brooke of Stoke in the City of Coventry, esq., reciting nos. 1255 and 1256, and the recitals therein, for 50 pounds of a bond in 500 marks; and it is agreed that the said Simon will proceed to recover the debt of 500 marks, for the use of the said Adrian, for which he will receive from the said Adrian a letter of attorney; with a proviso that should the said Simon pay to the said Adrian 52 pounds by 1 April next, then the assignment would be void. Signed: Sy. Chamber. Seal on tag: circular, red. Armorial, a chevron between three trefoils. Witnesses: Richard Kinge the elder, John Burdett, John Brownell. Endorsed: Mr. Chambers assignement