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Tuxford, Notts., deeds and papers


Confirmation from John Malyn', chaplain, late of Tuxford, and Thomas Baxstar of the same to John Malyn' son of Thomas Malyn' late of Tuxford of all the lands and tenements which they had by the gift of William Malyn' lying in the vill and fields of Tuxford, as is more fully shown in the charter of the said William; to hold to the said John son of Thomas and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: William Bruke, chaplain, Adam Hagh of Tuxford, Thomas Nowres of the same, John Burnam of the same and John Robynson' of the same. Dated at Tuxford, 21 September, 2 Richard III Two seals on tags; oval, red; i) a mermaid? ii) the letter R Endorsed: i) Johannes filius Thome Malyn [AG] ii) Sigillum, a meermayd [AG] iii) Johannes q' sans issu [AG]