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Cadeby, Leics., deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry son of Hugh de Sedgrave to William son of William de Kateby of three half acres of land in the fields of Kateby; of which one lies upon Scrapechurnes Furlang next land of `Joce', one at Toggemereput between the land of John son of Richard and land of Robert Rabaz, and one upon Brokfurlang next land of Roger Hugeyn, with the meadow adjoining and that part of the meadow in le Wodemedwe at the headland of William de Cates, which meadow is divided between the said Henry and John son of Richard; to hold the same of the said Henry, paying annually one halfpenny at Easter; and for this the said William gives 29 shillings to the said Henry and 12 pence to Agnes his wife. Witnesses: Richard de Naveneby, John de Kateby, Robert Malliseveres, Robert Chaynel, William son of Nicholas, Roger Hugeyn, Henry de Barewell' and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Henricus filius Hugonis de Segrave. Juliana uxor 2 supd; ii) Henricus de Segrave clericus Agnes uxor prima ad honorem xii supd;