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Rothwell, Langton, Clee, Lincs., deeds and papers


Gift from John lord of Segrave and Christiana his wife to Thomas de Colthorp, knight, and Alice his wife, and their heirs of all their right and claim in the manors of Rothewell'; Langeton' and Clee, co. Lincs., which they had by the gift of Sir Alan de Rothewell'; to hold to the said Thomas and Alice of the chief lord of the fee; and should they die without children, then the said manors to revert to the said John and Christiana. Witnesses: Sir John de Harinton', Simon de Segrave, John de Nevill', Sir Richard de Buslingthorp, Sir Roger de Cokeldik, knights, Statius Malerb', Richard de Serton' and others. Dated at Brecteby, 27 March, 9 Edward I Two fine seals on a split tongue: i) circular, brown; armorial. A lion rampant; in the field 3 garbs, the whole within a cusped 8-foil. Legend: SIGILL' IOHANNIS D'NI DE SEGRAVE ii) oval, red; imperfect. A figure standing, wearing a cloak between two shields, dexter a lion rampant, sinister a lion rampant. Endorsed: i) Rothewell', Langesdon', et Clee ii) Escuchyon del armer de Segrave [LG]

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    CC-BY-NC-ND Image Courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust