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Legal cases - Gregory family


Receipt from Edward Marburie of Kingeshill in the parish of Stonlie, gent., executor of the will of George Marburie late of London, haberdasher, deceased, to Arthur Gregorie of Stychall, esq. for 200 pounds owing to the said Edward as executor by virtue of a bond dated 28 February, 25 Elizabeth [1583], from the said Arthur to the said George. Dated: 16 April, 30 Elizabeth Signed: Edw. Marburye Witnesses: Robert Baker, John Style, Anthony ?Classen, George ?Gregory, ----- Nokes. Seal on tongue: circular, red; a griffin segreant. Tie below. Endorsed: i) Edward Marbary of John Gregory Recote of 200 poundes [LG] ii) Marberie English