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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of proceedings in a court held at Coventry on 13 July, 18 Elizabeth, to determine whether Arthur Gregorie, gent., Jane his wife and John Godfrey had unjustly disseized Robert Turnor, gent., of common of pasture in Stychehall, alias Styvechall,which pertained to his free tenement in the same town. Robert Turnor claimed that he had been disseised of common of pasture in a piece of land forty feet in breadth and forty feet in width to which he was entitled by virtue of his free tenement, i.e. one messuage and a virgate of land. Arthur Gregory requested an adjournment until the following Michaelmas term, but he defaulted on the reopening of the case, and a further adjournment was granted until the following Hilary term. Endorsed: assisa Turnor versus Gregory [AG]