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Scrivelsby, Lincs., deeds and papers


Mandate of the crown to Saier de Rocheford', escheator of Lincolnshire, reciting the said escheator's report that Henry Hillary, deceased, on the day he died, held, according to the law of England, after the death of Joan (formerly wife of Thomas de Lodelowe, and sometime wife of the said Henry), the manor of Screvelby; of which manor the said Joan was seised as of fee by hereditary right and which she held in chief by serjeantry; namely that whenever a king of England should be crowned, the lord of the said manor, whoever he should be (or someone in his name if the said lord is infirm) should come well armed for battle on a good charger into the presence of the king on the day of his coronation and there make proclamation that if any wished to say that the king ought not to have his kingdom or crown, then he stood prepared to defend his right with his body; and notifying the said escheator that Margaret de Lodelow, whom John Dymoke married, is the nearest heir of the said Joan, and that she is of full age; and charging him to receive a reasonable relief for which he shall account at the exchequer. Dated: 7 April Note in the same hand `In Originali de anno xxiii Regis Edwardi tercii post conquestum' Tag, seal lost.