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Walsgrave-on-Sowe deeds and papers


Power of attorney from John Dannvers of Swithlande, kinsman and heir of William Bagot of Sowe, to John Ive of Wykyn' to take seisin of an acre of land with [headlands] one and a half acres, one rood and four swathes of meadow in Sowe; of which half an acre of land lies upon Wythybedde, between land late of Robert Nele and land late of Hugh Onebem, and half an acre on Seberforlong, between land once of Henry Nele and land once of William de Paylyngton'; and one and a half acres and one rood of meadow lie in le Hologhsydenham dispersed in four parts; and the four swathes of meadow lie in le Bredemedowe, between meadow late of John Nele, and meadow late of Hugh Orebem; which lands John de Cloughton' of Sowe, Agnes his wife and Henry their son held by a lease from William Bagot and Mergery his wife for the lives of the aforesaid John and Agnes, and Henry; and having taken seisin of the said land, then to give it to John Saunders of Bedworth' to hold to the same John and his heirs for life. Dated at Sowe, 6 May, 33 Henry VI Seal on tag: circular, red. A merchant's mark. Endorsed: Rychard Frekenton by Watere Frekenton in Sowe