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Stivichall deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Margery de Nerbonn lady of Stivinghale, widow, to Brother Alexander Master of the House of the Blessed John of Coventre and the brethren of the same of all her rights in William Lomb of Stivinghale her villein (nativum), his heirs and chattels, so that the said William should be free and quit from all services to the said Margery and be able to live, remain, sell, buy, go and come upon the lands of the said Margery freely and quietly; and for this the said Alexander and brethren give 20 shillings. Witnesses: Robert de Corleye, Richard Bergeis, William de Suckeberue, Thomas `ceretario', John de Canele, William de Barue and others. Seal on tag; oval, green. A fleur de lis. Legend: S' MARGARIE DE MAREBON Endorsed: i) Warr' Stivynghale [14th c.] ii) nativus [AG]