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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of a bill of complaint of the mayor and bailiffs of Coventrye, alleging that one John Tallantes of Coventrye, who was possessed of divers property in Coventrye to the yearly value of 30 pounds or more, by his last will bequeathed to his wife a parcel of the said lands worth 10 pounds per annum, with remainder to Francis Tallantes, and to his son and heir the said Francis Tallantes 100 pounds and the remainder of the said land worth 20 pounds per annum, on condition that from this 20 pounds he should give to the poor of Bablake an annual rent of 4 marks issuing from a tenement near Coventrye where one named Wright dwelt; that after the death of the said John Tallantes, the said Francis Tallantes refused to perform the trust in him reposed as affected the poor of Bablake and for 30 years has concealed the will of the said John Tallantes; that by letters patent, dated 11 July, 14 Elizabeth [1572], granted at the request of Robert earl of Leicester, the said mayor and bailiffs were licensed to purchase lands and tenements to the value of 100 pounds for the maintenance of the poor and ancient city, for the relief of the poor children of Bablake and for the repair of the hospital of Bablake, and that they therefore required the said Francis Tallantes to fulfil the conditions of his father's will for the benefit of the said hospital, which he has declined to do.