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Warwick deeds and papers


Gift from Robert, son of Robert `sellarius' of Warewik' to Robert `nutrito suo' of a rent of 12 pence in the high market which once belonged to Gilbert Sermocinarius, which Hugh le Mercer held of the grantor; and 12 pence from a tenement in the same market where fish is sold which Gregory and Sabina, his wife (the grantor's sister) were wont to pay, rendering to the Earl of Warwick 4 pence at the feast of the Blessed Mary, at which term and at the feast of St. Michael, the grantee shall receive the said rents; with the further quitclaim from Robert son of Robert of all his right which he had by a grant to his ancestors from Earl Henry in land lying between the house of Richard, son of William, son of Paine, and the house in which the grantor and his father and his sister Sabina and her husband Gregory used to dwell; to hold the same paying to the Earl 6 pence (2 terms), saving to the said Sabina and her husband Hugh, easements of the houses as long as they should live. Witnesses: Richard son of Paine, Jordan the chaplain, Robert son of Godwin', Alan de Morcot', Henry son of Yng', Nicholas Basset', Robert de Merton' and others. Seal on tag: oval, green. Legend: S' MAGISTRI ROB'TI DE WARW--