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Hook Norton, Oxfordshire deeds and papers


Lease from John Dymmok, knight, to John his brother and Alesia his wife of his manor of Hogenorton', co. Oxon., and of certain other lands and tenements he had by the gift of the grantee; to hold for the duration of the lives of the said John and Alesia, with reversion to the grantor and his heirs; and after the death of the said John and Alesia and after a debt of 50 pounds by statute merchant has been paid to John de Cologyne, the said manor shall remain to John son of the grantor and Ankeret his wife, to hold to them and their heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee; and should they have no children, then the said premises shall revert to the grantor and his heirs. Warranty clause to John and Ankeret. Witnesses: Sir Baldwin de Frevyle, knight, Sir John de Clinton', knight, Sir ulk de Bermyngham, knight, Sir Robert Berford', knight, Sir Thomas de Broughton', knight and others. Dated at Hogenorton', 28 August, 33 Edward III Seal on tag: circular, red; armorial, defaced. Legend: SIGILLUM JOHANNIS DIM------ Endorsed: i) Johannes Dymok', myles de Hognorton [AG] ii) Hogusnorth'