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Estate papers - Warwickshire Rentals and accounts


A rental for lands in Allysley, Flechamsted, Fyllyngley, Cowndon, Newbold upon Avyn, Eysnell [Easenhall], Northend, Knyghtcote, Onley [Olney], Weston under Wetheley, Temple Grafton, the Hyde, Loughboro, Stretton by the Strete [Stretton-under-Fosse], Wygston in Leicestershire, Wykyn next y supe; Hyde, Brynkelowe, and Wygston by Schyrford. Total: £156. 6s. 4d. Endorsed with a summary of the foregoing rental, headed: `The rentt y supe; feffers land by yere'. Also endorsed: `The rentall of Maister Smyths landes [added by AG]; lechamsted, Brinklow, Weston, etc.

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For other Allesley rentals see no. DR10/2271 (1592).