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Coventry Maps, Surveys


A later translation of the extent taken on the death of Robert de Monte Alto [Cal. I.P.M.ii. 128]. Begins with a valuation of the capital messuage of Cheylesmore with the park and mill (5 marks) and includes the subtenants of the manor of Coventry with the service due: Oliver de Obeny, half a fee in Asthill [Astull]; William le Botiler, half a fee in Eccleshale [Exhall]; Agnes le Irreys, half a fee in Anestey [Ansty]; Walter Langle, eighth of a fee in Wikin [Wyken]; John de Bracebrig, one fee in Kinesbye [Kingsbury]; Hugh le Dispens, one fee in Luctburgh [Ladbroke]; Thomas de Equill', quarter fee in Coventry; Henry de Adelegh, quarter fee in Eccleshale and Folleshill; Thomas de Keresley, eighth of a fee in Keresley; Urian de Saint Peter, half a fee in Tackele [Tackley]; Walter de ?Vamyle, half a fee in Tackele; Hugh de Plecys, one and a half fees in Ardoluesley [?Allesley]. Also specifies the value of the rents of assize and the pleas of court. Ends: `also they say the sayd mannor was holden of the honour of Chester and Weston by knights service. The whole some of thextent: 401. 2s. 11d.' Endorsed: i) the capital mesuage of Chilesmore [LG] ii) Chelesmore