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Hill Wootton in Leeke Wootton deeds and papers


Gift in frankalmoign with warranty from Thomas de Endesouere, knight, lord of Bathekynton' to God and the church of the Blessed Mary of Stanleya and the monks there serving God of all that land and tenement which he holds in the vill of Hulle next Wott[on], with the lands, rents, etc., men both free and villein, wardships, reliefs, escheats, marriages, tallages, etc. with view of frankpledge, and with all the other privileges which the said Thomas and his ancestors had in the same land `ut aliquo casu aliquo tempore possunt pertinere absque ullo retenemento'; to hold to the said church as freely as any gift in free alms is held. Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Ardern', lord of Bottele, Sir Thomas de Cherlecot', Sir Ralph de Ardene, knights, Gilbert the clerk, under-sheriff of Warrewik', Alexander de Nowers, Geoffrey son of John de Stanleya, Simon son of Henry de Cobintone and many others. Seal on tag: circular, brown; device obscure. Endorsed: i) Thoma de Endesore ii) Hull iuxta Whytheley al. Hull Regis [AG]