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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of the interrogatories to be administered to witnesses on behalf of Francis Tallantes; i) did John Wade and Thomas Gregory purchase Wrightes farm in Flechamsteed to hold in chief ii) did John Wade convey his interest in the same in Queen Mary's time to Thomas Gregorye and Richard Mundaye iii) did John Wade and Thomas Gregory assure the said lands to Arthur Gregorye or enfeoff him of the same iv) is the said farm the inheritance of Arthur Gregorye v) was a statute, lately extended by Edmund Gregorye, intended by Thomas Gregorye to undo his heir, his wife and children or enrich one Gregorye of Manchester, or was it meant to be for the use of Thomas Gregorye for the quiet enjoyment of some part of his lands, and did the said Thomas Gregorye keep the statute till his death and has Edmund Gregorye extended the same to undo his brother. vi) was a suit commenced by Arthur Gregorye against Mathew Hulam before he sold the statute to Edmund Gregorye

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For the 5th and 6th interrogatories see the case Gregory v. Gregory, nos. DR10/1600 ff.