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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Peter son of Richard Pagge of Alspath' to Stephen de Cleybrock and Alice his wife of the same of half an arable field called `le Stonicroft'; to hold to the said Stephen and Alice of the chief lord of the fee.

Witnesses: William de Kenewaldeshey, John Wyt, William Bernard, Richard Hynoth, William Godyng', John Syer, William de Sotton' and others. Dated at Alspath', Monday next before the feast of St. Mark, 9 Edward II. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 1. Stephanus de Cleybrok'. Alicia uxor 2. Johannes de Cleybrok'. Matilda uxor 3. Robertus Hareward. Johanna uxor 4. Willelmus Lucas de ?Boneryt heres de Cleybrok' Que av' issu Johannem (12 H.6) que av' issu Willelmum (8 Ed. 4) que av' issu Johannem (33 H.8) [AG] ii) Willelmus Hering perquisivit parcellas terre de Willelmo Lucas 4 H.4 reddendo 4d. prout per factum in possessione Akars. Richard Jurdan perquisivit Stonycroft de Willelmo Lucas 11 H.4 reddendo xii supd; quel xii supd; Akars pay a nous [AG].