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Snitterfield deeds and papers


Notification from Henry son of Henry earl of Warwic to his venerable lord Henry, King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine and Count of Anjou, and to Eleanor the Queen, his wife, and also to Theobald archbishop of Cant' and Alfred bishop of Wigorn', that Hugh son of Richard, in the presence of his son William, excluded the land of Walda and the meadow when he pledged Snitenesfeld to the said Henry with the rest of the land, because he had given that land and the meadow to the church of Saint Sepulchre of Warwic, which is a member of Lord's Sepulchre of Jerusalem, in pure and perpetual alms; and also notifying that Ralph prior of the same church had the charter of Hugh son of Richard which he showed to the said Henry and Hugh acknowledged it; and this was a long time before William Cumin made a fine with the said Hugh and his wife and son concerning the said vill of Snitenesfeld. Tonge, seal and tie lost. Endorsed: i) Carta Henrici fratris Comitis de Walda [contemp.] ii) Hugo filius Ricardi fundator de Wroxhale and family

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For other deeds concerning this transaction, see P.R.O. Ancient Deeds B 11343; Madox, Formulare Anglicanum, no. 2.