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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of court proceedings in which Thomas, bishop of Coventr' and Basil Smyth were summoned to answer the complaint of John Gregorie, esq., that he had not been allowed to present to the vacant church of Corley, even though his father, Arthur Gregorie, esq., had been seised of the advowson and on 1 December, 9 Elizabeth [1566], had presented Robert Woodcock, clerk, to the church; to which the said bishop replied that he made no claim on the advowson of the said church and therefore agreed that the said Basil should be removed. Dated: Trinity Term, 19 James Endorsed: i) Gregorye armiger versus Episcopum Coventr' et Smyth clericum; iudicium in quare impedit ii) Signed note from Richard Chamberlayne to Mr Gregory certifying that this is a true copy and advising him to preserve it amongst his `evidence' for the benefit of his posterity. iii) concerning y supe; vicaridg of Corley [LG]