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Bond from Joan Hudson and John Hudson to Richard Clerk for 40 shillings


Bond from Joan Hudson' of Coventr', widow, and John Hudson', her son, to Richard Clerk of Coventr', baker, in the penal sum of 40 shillings, the condition of that obligation being that the said Richard should take, cut down, remove and possess the trees, wood and underwood growing in a close called Nyenacres in the lordship of Allesley for a term of three years from the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 5 Henry VII with free entry and exit thereto with carts, horses, oxen and men to cut down and remove the wood without let or hindrance. Dated 29 March, 5 Henry VII. Divided tongue for seals, tie below, seals lanking. Endorsed: i) Joane Hudsons bond ii) 5 Hen. 7 Allesley