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Estate papers - Taxation receipts


A bundle of forty-eight receipts issued to members of the Gregory family or their representatives between 1614 and 1676 for payment of fee from rents due from land in Corley and a tenement in the Little Butchery, Coventry. The amount due from Corley is 12 pence annually, and from Coventry, 13 pence and a halfpenny. The receipts are for the following years: Coventry: 1614, 1623-1628, 1630-1647, 1651-1658, 1671-2 Corley: 1622-1628, 1630-1647, 1651-1658, 1661-1662, 1665-1668, 1671, 1674-1676. In some years, separate receipts were issued for Corley and Coventry and at other times both payments were included on the same receipt. Between 1656 and 1658, joint receipts were issued for Coventry, Corley and Kingshill. Included in this bundle is a note, dated 29 December 1627, from Richard Bothe to John Gregorye, requesting him to bring the sum owing for his fee farm rents in Corley and Coventry to the house of Henry Tadlowe in Coventry by 18 January next where they will be collected.