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Feoffment from George Mathew to Henry Colman of two crofts in Allesley


Feoffment with warranty from George Mathew of Berkeswell to Henry Colman of Shepson super Stower, corviser, of two crofts in Alleslay called Musserds lying next Holifost and the land of the grantor called Lightfotes; also one grove called Wodkox in Corley extending from the grantor's land to the aforesaid croft called Musserds; to hold the same of the said George, paying annually 11 pence. Appointment of Hugh Merson to act as attorney to deliver seisin. Dated 14 July, 27 Henry VIII. Witnesses (written in another hand and very indistinctly): Sir Thomas Tressam, priest, Nicholas ---neyneye, --- Merston, D of Halsley, corviser, Rychart Yete, husbandman, --- Waren', of Alsley, --- Roger Merston ---, with divers others. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: Corley (Witness list excepted)