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Legal cases - Gregory family


Specimen declaration in the court of the city of Coventry drawn up by John Forde of the Inner Temple for an action of debt grounded on the statute of 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, which limited the amount chargeable for the impounding of any single distress to fourpence. The draft has been filled in with details of a suit wherein Robert Bonde of Coventry, corviser, was summoned to answer to Edward Slye on a plea for the return of £5. 3s. 8d. The latter alleged that on 12 December, 9 Elizabeth, Bond took 100 sheep of his in the name of a distress, and impounded them, and kept them until he paid him 3s. 8d. for their release. This sum he had since refused to repay, though asked to do so, and Slye claimed 5 pounds damages. Forde's draft is sent to Arthur Gregory in the form of a letter referring to `your accion' dated from the Inner Temple 28 December [ ] with a postscript, `We want your company help here in the temple for we haue a lorde whoe entendeth to make pastyme'. Endorsed: To his Frende m[aster] Arthur Gregory delyver this. At Couentre. 28 Dec ?1566