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Cubbington deeds and papers


Gift from Robert de Chaucumb to the Abbot and Convent of Stanleia of two virgates of land with all appurtenances in the vill of Cubinton' which the same Abbot and Convent had in perpetual farm by the gift of the Prior of the Convent of Chaucumbe. Witnesses: Thomas de Ardena, Geoffrey de Semilli, William de Essesho, Hugh de Upton', William de Annersi, Simon de Cubinton', Henry his son, John de Stanleia, Thomas de Finham, Henry de Suckeberge, Osbert de Suckeberge, Alexander de Meleburne, and many others. Seal on tag: circular, white. A knight on horseback carrying a falcon on his right wrist. Legend: SI[GILLUM ROBERTI DE CHAV]COMBA. Endorsed: i) Robertus de Chaucomb' [AG] ii) Warr'