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Bonds Receipts: Other Families


Bond from Charles Dymoke of -----, gent., John Mee of the same, husbandman, Nicholas Bodington' of the same, John Hall of the same, Thomas -------, William Pywall of the same, Thomas Pawll of the same, Henry Wodward of the same, John Podyngton and Richard Pywall of the same, husbandmen, to Roger C---- in the penal sum of 40 pounds to abide by the judgment of Sir William Fylding, knight, Master Edmund Wyndeshore, ------- Legh, esqs., arbitrators appointed to settle all matters in dispute between the said parties; whose decision is to be made known to the said parties before the feast of the Nativity following. Dated: 1 ------, 28 Henry VIII. Signed: Charlys Dymmok, Nycholes Bodyngtun ----- Tongue and seal lost, tie only.