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Legal cases - Gregory family


Copy of the report of John Mychell, Master in Chancery, in the case between Simon Chamber and Edward Wayst, in accordance with an order in Chancery of 1 February [no. DR10/1672]. Whereas the defendant admits to the lease of 60 years and the statute of 500 marks from Arthur Gregory to George Marbury, and that the lease was devised by George Marbury to Edward Marbury to be sold for 400 pounds; and whereas, although the defendant does not know for how much the lease was sold, nor that it was sold to John Bott, it is evident that it was so sold from a case between Simon Chamber, plaintiff, and John Bott and Thomas Gresholde, defendants, wherein it was found that the lease was bought by John Bott in trust for Joan Kevett, and the lease was decreed to the said Simon Chamber; and whereas John Gregory and his wife admit that the lease is void and the lands recovered against Simon Chamber; and whereas there is a plea in the spiritual court to repeal the administration of the goods of George Marbury, it is found that the bill of complaint of the said Simon Chamber is in substance true.