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Estate papers - Correspondence


Copy of a letter from Mr. Humberston to the Chancellor of the Office of Augmentations, relating how, according to instructions, he had travelled to the manor of Kyngeshyll and asked of Mrs. Swyllyngton what lands she held there, to which she had replied that she and her ancestors had held certain lands there of the late monastery of Stoneleigh for which they rendered annually suit of court and a quit rent of 6s. 8d., which she had continued to pay to the king after the dissolution; and how he had next visited land called Tylehyll in the manor of Flechampsted, in the tenure of Thomas Stoke, who had confessed that he had held this land of the said monastery for the same services as above, which he now rendered to the king. Endorsed: Mr. Humberstons lettere to the chancelor of thawgmentacion of rents of the manor of Kyngeshull conceled and unsold and in no particular in purchas [AG]